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Overview of Term One


This term Y6 will be using the fiction book: The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd, as inspiration for character descriptions, understanding and using idioms and the author’s choice of vocabulary to engage the reader.

A key focus in all aspects of handwriting will be appropriate handwriting, punctuation and an improved awareness of presentation.

Speaking and listening will focus on discussions around graffiti- Art or an act of Vandalism? and will include a wander along North Street and debate leading to writing a balanced argument. 



Place Value to millions is the target focus for the first few weeks on Term 1 which will progress into adding and subtracting 4 and more digit numbers.

Mental maths will primarily be the recall of number bonds to 100 (if I know 20 + 80 = 100, then I know 200 + 800 = 1000 etc.) and times tables: timed assessments, use of TT RockStars and games.



Children will learn the symbols and names of electrical components and create complete circuits to light a bulb, connect a battery or fan. The children will investigate voltage and how it affects the brightness/sound level of a component.



The Alps is the focus for Term 1 and will include learning about the location, the terrain, climate and tourism. Pupils will also learn about the effects of climate change on The Alps- writing some emotive diary entries. Through Forest School, Year 6 will learn about mountain survival skills. 



Using the Jigsaw scheme of learning, children will investigate the theme of: Being in my world, which includes lessons on Self-Identity, Group Identity, Responsibilities, Consequences, Teamwork and introduces the Jigsaw Charter for expectations as a pupil in Year 6. The School Values and British Values will also be reinforced.



Swimming will take place on Tuesday afternoons.

The additional PE session, on a Friday morning, will focus on skills from the Real PE scheme of learning- hand and feet co-ordination with balls and agility for reaction / response to send and receive a ball.

Games to support the learning will include hand tennis/racket tennis and netball.



Shooting Stars will learn about Islam in Term 1 considering what the best way for a Muslin to show commitment to their faith, learning about the Five Pillars of Islam and moral values.


Art & DT

Year 6 Shooting Stars will learn skills in collage learning how various medium can create different effects- monochromatic, colourful, autumnal etc.

The children will also explore Mayan Art: investigating a variety of expressive drawing techniques whilst making connections with historical markings to today’s graffiti.

In D.T. the children will improve their fine motor control skills when creating a ‘London Eye’ using paper and scissors.



Using the Charanga scheme of work, the Shooting Stars of Year 6 will learn the songs: Happy and Electricity, to perform to an audience in unison. In doing so, they will learn about rhythm, pulse and pitch.



Year 6 will review their knowledge of greetings and introducing themselves in French: name, age, nationality.


Additional Information

PE- Tuesday (Swimming) Friday

Forest School- Friday