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Overview of Term One


We are so excited to be starting a new school year together! Year 3 and 4 will be together for all of the week, apart from our Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for Enquiry and French. Miss Wheeler will teach Year 4 on these afternoons on odd weeks and Mrs Hillberg on even weeks. Mr Adams will teach Year 3 every week on these afternoons.


For our mornings, we will be together for Reading, Writing and Maths. In Reading, we are starting with ‘Soar’, a short film which we will be using our VIPERS reading skills to understand. We will be doing some cross-curricular reading comprehensions about different Greek myths throughout the term. In Writing, we are reading The Orchard Book of Greek Myths, and will be learning about a variety of different myths. Our writing will include narratives, job adverts, poetry, setting and character descriptions, and more. I am very excited to be teaching Greek myths to Y3/4, as it is an interesting and engaging topic. 


In Maths, we will be starting with Place Value, looking at hundreds and thousands, partitioning (splitting up) numbers into how many ones/tens/hundreds/thousands they have, and examining number lines up to 1,000 (Y3) and 10,000 (Y4). Y4 will also be learning about Roman numerals for the first time. We will be counting in 50s, 1000s and will link this into our times tables. Year 3 will be learning their 3s, 4s and 8s, and Year 4 will learn their 6s, 7s, 9s, 11s and 12s, as they have a times tables check at the end of the year. Towards the end of the term, we will start our Addition and Subtraction topic.


For our Enquiry lessons, Year 3 will be learning about Prehistoric Man: Stone Age to Iron Age in Britain with Mr Adams. They’ll explore houses, food, archaeology and more. They will closely compare the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age to each other. For Year 4, we will be learning about Who were the Ancient Greeks? This will include Greek gods and goddesses, heroes, culture, archaeology, the Olympic Games and the legacy that the Ancient Greeks left behind. We will be doing lots of cross-curricular activities, including writing our own comics about Greek gods/goddesses, making pots out of clay with Greek gods’ symbols on them and building models of Ancient Greek buildings.


In French, Year 3 and 4 will be taught separately and will go over the basics of introductions, numbers and colours. PE will be taught on a Monday afternoon and every other Thursday afternoon on odd weeks, following the Real PE scheme. Forest School will be every Friday afternoon. For our Art lessons, we are lucky to have a visitor from Bristol Grammar School teaching our Art lessons for this term, every other Thursday. RE, ICT and Music will be taught in Term 2 due to timetabling constraints. 


I am so excited to start the year with the Year 3 and 4s, and get stuck in to our learning!