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Horseshoes - Mrs wallace

Summary of Term Six

I can’t quite believe that the end of the year is here already! We have had so much fun this year and learnt so much. Our highlights from this term include Sports Week (including our trip to Mojo Active), our trip to the zoo, creating all of our Prehistoric Britain artefacts, playing rounders, and getting to make some final memories together. 


We have loved reading Grandad’s Secret Giant this term and creating our own stories based on the book. We’ve also enjoyed reading and retelling the Stone Age Boy and 24 Hours in the Stone Age. Horseshoes have loved learning all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, and I am so impressed by how much they have learnt. In Maths, we’ve explored Time, Measurement, Statistics, Position and Direction and more - they’ve learnt so much! In Science, we have explored different food chains and the life cycles of different plants. In PE, we’ve enjoyed learning how to play rounders, practise our ball skills, have a go at lots of different sports and sports day activities, and more. 


I am so thankful how fantastic the children have been all year. They are kind, caring, engaged, enthusiastic, thoughtful, polite, hardworking and so much more! I will miss them a lot and I want to thank everyone for all of your hard work with your children at home too. Goodbye and best of luck for the future, Mrs Wallace.



Overview for Term Six

Horseshoes Term 6 Overview

It’s our final term already; how quickly has this come around?! We’re very excited in the Horseshoes class to be learning all about the Prehistoric Britain in our History lessons this term. We’ll be learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, focusing on how we know about the Prehistoric period if we have no written records. We’ll explore Prehistoric houses, comparing them to each other and noting changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We’ll then discover what Stone Age hunter-gatherers were and how they survived, what Stone Age people made tools out of, and learn all about evidence from Skara Brae, an incredibly well preserved Stone Age village found in Scotland. Next, we will learn about changes brought about by the Bronze Age and study artefacts found from the Bronze Age, completing our own observational drawings. Finally, we’ll look at changes into the Iron Age and what new creations happened due to the increased use of iron, and explore changes to houses by the Iron Age. We can’t wait to learn all about Prehistoric Britain!


Our books for our Reading lessons this term are wonderfully cross-curricular: Stone Age Boy and 24 Hours in the Stone Age. In our Writing lessons, we’ll be reading Grandad’s Secret Giant, looking at known giants in other stories, describing the giant in our story and writing a variety of letters. We’ll practise adding lots of different suffixes to words and following the spelling rules. Our unit will end with children writing their own story based on Grandad’s Secret Giant, with their own giant they designed!


In Maths, we are all learning how to tell the time. Year 2 will focus on telling the time to 5 minutes, sequencing events, ordering durations of time and more. Year 3 will learn how to tell the time to  1 minute intervals, convert it from analogue to digital time, order and compare durations of time, and lots more. Year 2 will then learn about Capacity, Year 3 will cover Measurement, then we will all be ending with Statistics.


In Science, we are continuing with Living Things, learning about what makes something alive, and the seven life processes needed in order to keep living. We’ll debate whether certain things are living, dead or never alive, sorting and comparing them. We are then moving on to the life cycle of a plant in more detail than in previous years, exploring seed dispersal and how new plants grow. The children will complete a detailed piece of writing explaining the life cycle of a plant. 


In Art and DT (odd weeks Thursday mornings), Mrs Prewett will be doing lots of cross curricular learning, including making Stone Age houses, using clay to make replicas of artefacts and more. In Forest School (even weeks Thursday mornings), she will lead the children in consolidating their learning about Stone Age hunter-gatherers and foraging for foods, along with much more. In PE, I will be leading our Athletics unit, in preparation for Sports Week, and we will have the Robins for PE on Wednesday afternoons. Our PSHE topic for this term is Changing Me. Some of these lessons will be separate for Year 2 and Year 3. French will be finishing off ice creams, then moving on to learning how to say different instruments in French. Our RE key question is ‘Would visiting the River Ganges feel special to a non-Hindu?’


Alongside all of our learning, we have lots of fantastic opportunities for sport (Sports Week, Week 4), an Olympic Athlete visit in Week 5, a trip to the Wild Place in Week 7, and much more!



Summary of Term Five

This term in Horseshoes, we have enjoyed reading our book My Name is Not Refugee. We have learnt a lot about the journeys that refugees have to go through, and this has informed our writing. We’ve written diary entries, letters, descriptions, poems and more. This term, we have been focusing on writing in the correct tense, using similes, using apostrophes and using a wider variety of vocabulary. The children’s final diary entries were fantastic!


In Reading, we read some shape poems and explored new vocabulary by learning how to use dictionaries. We have practised finding the meaning of words and learning how to spell them. Then, we read Grandad’s Island, a lovely story about an adventure with a boy and his Grandad. We’ve inferred into the characters’ feelings, predicted what we think will happen, and summarised the story. When practising our fluency and expression, we have been reading the story through with our partners.


In Maths, Year 2 have finished off our Shape learning, exploring cones and cylinders, as well as how to sort 2D and 3D shapes in different ways. We then moved on to Length and Mass, exploring how to measure objects in g and kg, how to measure objects in cm and m, and ordering and comparing objects. We are now learning all about Money, recognising coins and notes, counting in pounds and pence, and combining coins to make the same amount in different ways. In Year 3, we have finished off division, learning how to divide both with and without remainders. In our Fractions learning, we learnt how to find fractions of amounts and how to add and subtract fractions. We recapped our previous learning with some measuring of heights and comparing them, and now we have moved on to Money. We are learning how to count up coins and make different amounts. The children are practising how to add money in both pounds and pence, using different strategies. We will then learn how to subtract amounts to find change this week.


For our Science this term, we have been focusing on Living Things. We have learnt about different biomes and why certain plants and animals live there. We’ve focused on herbivore/omnivore/carnivore diets and then how that links to why different animals survive in different places. After that, we’ve moved on to food chains and learnt how to interpret them, how energy is transferred and what would happen to predators if prey didn’t exist. The children then had a go at creating their own food chains and explaining them.


In Geography, we have enjoyed learning about Porto and comparing it to Bristol. We’ve learnt all about the locations of both cities and compared them. We learnt the meaning of physical and human features and explored which can be found in either or both cities. We’ve then compared the climates, populations and estuaries present in both cities. We are finishing the term with a big final write, showcasing all of our knowledge about Bristol and Porto.


For our PE lessons, we have continued with gymnastics, creating sequences and exploring different ways to move. In our other weekly PE lessons, we have continued with Net and Wall Games, learning key movements for volleyball and tennis. We have then applied our ball and racquet skills to some mini tennis games which was fun! In PSHE, we have discussed relationships, including friendships, family relationships, classmate relationships and how to solve conflict if it were to arise. In DT with Mrs Prewett, we have explored moving parts and made moving parts monsters, as well as started learning how to sew, creating puppets. This will continue next term. In RE, we explored what Hindus believe about Brahman and their Gods. In French, we’ve learnt lots of different animals and started learning how to say different ice cream flavours!


Hope everyone has a wonderful half term, and we will see you after for one more term!


Overview for Term Five

Welcome back after the Easter holidays! In Horseshoes class, we have already started our Geography learning about Porto - we will be learning about and comparing Bristol to Porto, a city in Portugal. We’ll explore human and physical features, climate, population, the locations of the cities and more, thinking about similarities and differences. The children have already practised their map skills by locating both cities and learning the country and continent or each. We’ll be asking lots of questions and making comparisons.


In Science, we are expanding our learning about Living Things, focusing this term on biomes, food groups/animal diets and food chains. We’ll explore what different animals eat and how to compare them, and then how we can create different food chains to show this.


In Writing, our book is called My Name is Not Refugee and is a lovely picture book which focuses on a journey and coming to live in a new place. We will learn how to use prepositions, apostrophes, write similes and write in paragraphs. We’ll write questions, letters, descriptions, paragraphs retelling the story and more. Our big, final piece of writing for the term will be a diary entry about the child’s journey in the book. 


Our Reading lessons will focus on some cross-curricular Geography facts about Porto, some poetry, and we’ll read and explore the book Grandad’s Island. 


In Maths, Year 2 will be completing the topics Shape (cones, cylinders, comparing shapes), Length and Mass, and Money. We will start Time towards the end of the term. Year 3 will finish off our Division topic, then move on to Fractions (calculating fractions of amounts) and Money. We will start Time either late this term or at the beginning of next term. We’re continuing our learning of our times tables, so keep practising these as well at home please!


PE this term will be Gymnastics and continuing with Net and Wall games, including learning the skills for volleyball and tennis. Forest School is on even weeks, and then Mrs Prewett will be teaching DT on odd weeks, focusing on moving parts, designing and construction. RE is about Hinduism, with the key question How can Brahman be everywhere and everything?. Our French topic this term is finishing off animals and then moving on to instruments. Our Music lessons will be the units Recognising Different Sounds and Playing in an Orchestra.


We’re ready and looking forward to a fun and busy term ahead, with hopefully some nicer weather!

Summary of Term Four

Another busy term has flown by! Horseshoes have done really well with our History topic of Transport over Time. We have learnt about the invention of trains, cars and planes, and all children know lots of facts about the inventions and are able to compare past and present modes of transport. In our Science learning, we have been exploring changing the shape and state of materials. We tried changing shapes by bending, twisting, squashing and stretching, and we learnt about reversible and irreversible changes. We explored whether certain objects and materials can or cannot be changed back, with all children able to explain their reasoning.


For our English lessons, we have enjoyed reading The Last Wolf, a story based on Little Red Riding Hood. We’ve written diary entries, descriptions and our final piece of writing is a letter persuading people to save the forests. The children have consolidated their learning of how to use inverted commas for speech really well. We’ve also looked at adding suffixes to words to change their meaning and homophones/near homophones. For our Reading lessons, we’ve explored our Reading for Pleasure book, Trolls go Home, learning some new vocabulary, reading it for fluency and expression, and then answering comprehension questions. We have also read texts about The Wright Brothers, linking in to our History topic, and we have read a couple of different poems too. 


In Maths in Year 2, we finished off our Multiplication and Division times tables unit and moved on to Fractions. We have explored different fractions such as one third, two quarters and three quarters. We have recognised them and found fractions of amounts. Everyone has done really well with this. In Year 3, we finished off our Fractions unit and then moved on to Multiplication and Division. We focused first on practical methods of multiplying two digit by 1 digit numbers, and then learnt how to do this in the column method. Again, everyone has picked this up really well. We’ve also learnt about Angles, and are linking this in to our Art topic.


In French we have enjoyed learning about how to say different animals in French. In PE, we have explored net and wall games, focusing on tactics from the ready position and moving into/defending an area. We have also practised our gymnastics skills, focusing on rotation and movement. In PSHE, our topic has been all about Healthy Me, so we have discovered different ways to look after our mental health and then recapped our previous Science learning about keeping our bodies healthy too. In RE, we have retold Christianity’s Easter Story, and discussed what Christians believe is good about Good Friday. In Art, we have explored mixing colours and creating different textures in paint using different materials. We have then used our textured we created, with other materials, to create a collage of a natural image. In Computing, we have continued with learning how to code.


Hope everyone has a lovely Easter break! See you in Term 5.


Overview for Term Four

For our writing book this term, we are reading The Last Wolf, about animals being endangered and possibly going extinct! We will be learning how to add suffixes to adjectives (small - smallest, long - longer), practising writing using inverted commas for speech, and more. Our end of unit piece of writing will be a letter, persuading people not to cut down trees and why this is important. It links nicely to our Rainforest learning about deforestation from last term’s Geography!


In Reading, some lessons will be linked to the Last Wolf, and some will be linked to our Reading for Pleasure book - Trolls go Home. We will focus on learning new vocabulary, practising reading with fluency and expression, then answering comprehension questions. We will infer, retrieve information, explain and summarise.


In Maths, Year 2 are starting the term with finishing off learning the 2s, 5s and 10s times tables, focusing on multiplication and division, odds and evens, and fact families. We will then moving onto Fractions. Year 3 are finishing off Fractions now, looking at comparing and ordering different fractions, and will then be moving on to multiplication and division, where we will learn different ways to multiply (making equal groups) and divide (sharing or grouping).


Our History key question for this term is ‘How has transport changed over time?’  We have compared past and present modes of transport this week, and we will think about how the inventions of trains, cars and planes have changed life, as well as comparing direct similarities and differences to modern trains, cars and planes.


In Science, we are recapping our prior learning about the properties of materials, then covering Shape Changers - how can different materials change shape and state? We will explore the types of changes, reversible and irreversible changes, and then how and why recycling changes materials.


In Art, we are focusing on using paint to explore colour mixing, discovering how to make secondary colours, and how to lighten or darken our paints. We’ll explore recreating different textures using paint, and then create a collage. In the second half of the term, our Art lessons will focus on Angles, combining Maths and Art! We will learn the different types of angles, measure angles, and then create art containing angles. In RE, we will be exploring the meaning that Christianity places behind Good Friday, and why Christians believe Jesus was crucified. In ICT, we are continuing with our code.org scheme, learning how to write computer code to move different characters and create actions. Our French topic is animals. 


In PE, we are focusing on Gymnastics this term, looking at travel, rotation and creating sequences. In our other PE lesson a week, we will be playing tennis, focusing on ball skills and volleying. PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays this term. Our Forest School is on Wednesday afternoons this term.

Summary of Term Three

I want to start by saying a huge well done to all of Horseshoes for their class assembly! Their reading aloud of their Owls writing was so detailed and they have all worked really hard when learning the dance - great job!!


Our class have loved reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark this term and they have produced some great writing about it too. We have learnt how to use inverted commas for speech for when someone is talking, recapped commas in a list and expanded noun phrases. The children’s Owls information reports and Rainforest reports show just how much they have learnt across our writing and Geography lessons.


In Maths, the children have settled really well into using our new Maths scheme. In Year 2, we have learnt different ways to multiply and divide and are now moving on to our 2s, 5s and 10s times tables explicitly. In Year 3, we have practised our 3s, 4s and 8s times tables and are now learning about fractions. We are recognising, ordering and comparing different fractions. As a whole class, we’ve covered important key knowledge such as doubles and halves, odds and evens and place value.


In Science, we have learnt all about Animals including Humans. We know that all animals have offspring and the ways in which they grow and change. We explored what humans and animals need to survive. Then, we focused more specifically on humans and why a good diet, exercise and good hygiene are important for staying healthy. We have asked lots of great questions and learnt new facts.


For our Geography learning about the Amazon Rainforest, the children have been so engaged with this topic! We have learned about where the Amazon Rainforest is, what the Equator is and the important countries and continents to know. We explored the weather and climate of the rainforest and how it is similar or different to Bristol’s. Then, we learnt what the different layers of the rainforest are called and what they are like. We studied which animals live there and how they can survive there. We then covered what deforestation is and why it happens. The children were all outraged by deforestation and the impacts it has on the rainforest!


In French, we have been learning about different Fruits and speaking them aloud. In Music, we have learnt a couple of different songs and had a go at playing the glockenspiel along with the song. (We will continue this again for a little bit next term as we have not quite had enough time to practise playing). In RE, the children explored the Jewish celebration of Passover, what happens and why it is important for followers of Judaism. In PSHE, we’ve explored our Dreams and Goals and how we might achieve them, and then completed a team work project to design and build an imaginary bird that might be found in a garden of dreams and goals. Our DT project has been learning about wheels and axles so we have discussed, designed and built a ferris wheel. We’ve been lucky that we have been able to use our Forest School sessions to give us time to build our ferris wheels and they look great! Also in Forest School, we enjoyed turning the classroom into a rainforest, exploring outside, and eating pancakes for pancake day! Our PE has been focused on learning our dance for the dance festival, and once again enjoying the PE coaching from the Robins foundation.


Overview for Term Three


In our reading and writing lessons, we will be reading a lovely story about an owl (I’m not going to give too much away as the children are going to be making lots of predictions about the story!) We’ll learn about how to use adverbs, inverted commas for speech, and consolidate our learning about commas in a list. For reading, some lessons we will use our writing book about our owl for some cross-curricular lessons, and other lessons we will use another text. Our reading lessons will continue to follow the structure of exploring vocabulary, reading with fluency and then discussing and answering comprehension questions.


For our maths learning this term, we are starting with Geometry, exploring the properties of different 2D and 3D shapes, with Year 3 also learning about horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines. After Geometry we will move on to multiplication and division, learning different ways of grouping and sharing objects and learning about the times and divide symbols. We’re continuing working hard at learning our times tables and have introduced new ‘facts of the week’ for both year groups to help children focus on certain times tables facts at a time.


In our Science learning, we are exploring humans and animals, including what we need to survive, animals and offspring, and the importance for humans of a balanced diet, exercise and good hygiene.


Here in Horseshoes class, we are ready for a fun and interesting term ahead of us! In our Geography, we are learning all about the Amazon Rainforest. We’ll explore what animals and plants can be found there, as well as the different layers of the rainforest and what some threats to the rainforest are. 


In PE, we are continuing with our PE lessons once a week with the Robins foundation (Wednesdays), for which we are really lucky to have their expertise and fantastic coaching. We are practising dynamic balance in our Real PE lessons (Thursdays) (we looked at balance whilst staying still last term; this term it is about balancing when moving). We will also be learning our dance for the Dance Festival and practising this as part of our PE lessons from Week 3. Forest School will continue to be on Thursday mornings with Mrs Prewett. 


Our RE topic for this term is focusing on Judaism and the key question ‘How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do?’

In French, we are learning about different foods, focusing first on fruits and vegetables. 


Our PSHE topic this term is all about Dreams and Goals, so we are thinking about what we need to do to succeed and setting realistic goals for ourselves. 


We are returning to Music this term, where we will be following the unit ‘Inventing a Musical Story’. We will be exploring and learning different songs and having a chance to play an instrument alongside the song we’ve learnt. 


Design and Technology
In DT, we are exploring, designing and making toys with wheels and how wheels work.

Summary of Term Two

Wow, this term has flown by! I am so proud of all of the children for their hard work in making the Nativity wonderful - well done! We have enjoyed so much fantastic learning this term. Horseshoes have loved using The Iron Man for our Writing and Reading text this term. We wrote diary entries, retold parts of the story, learnt how to use commas in a list effectively, and practised our new style of reading lessons, making great inferences and predictions about the Iron Man. We’ve also enjoyed reading Supertato: Bubbly Troubly towards the end of the term, writing character descriptions and poems.


In Maths, we have spent a lot of time securing different methods of adding and subtracting. I am really impressed with how well the children have learnt the practical and column methods, both with and without exchange. We have also been practising our times tables lots, so keep practising at home as well to consolidate that learning. 


Our Science topic has been all about materials and the properties of different materials. We’ve explored how to group materials in different ways and considered the suitability of materials for different things. The children even thought about how to best protect an egg and completed an egg drop test, predicting, testing and recording their results. In History, we’ve learnt all about the history of communication, learning about the inventions of the printing press, telephone and internet. We’ve considered which we think was the most important and why, ordered them chronologically and created our own timelines. The children did a great job at explaining how our inventions made communicating quicker and easier.


In PE, we have enjoyed having the Robins weekly and learning some new footwork skills when playing football. Our Real PE scheme has been following balance and jumps. In French, we’ve learnt how to introduce ourselves, how to ask people their names and how they are, and what the different colours are in French. The children have enjoyed speaking in French to their partners. PSHE has been all about celebrating differences, thinking about ways in which we are unique. We’ve thought about relationships with our friends, and why having similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends is good. We’ve also learnt what to do in the case that bullying happens, to keep us all safe. In RE, we learnt about Christianity and why Christians believe God sent Jesus to the world. In Art, we have used different techniques to make different maps.


We’re all enjoying our last, festive week at school before the holidays, fun of fun and games. Hope everyone has a wonderful break and see you all next term!



Overview for Term Two

In Horseshoes class, we are ready for a busy and exciting term ahead! Our Writing, Reading and Science topics link nicely together as we are learning about the Uses of Everyday Materials. So, we are reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. It is a lovely story about an iron giant and the children are really enjoying it so far. We will be learning how to use commas in a list and inverted commas for speech this term, as well as practising similes and expanded noun phrases. Our reading comprehension lessons are also about The Iron Man, where we will be using our inference skills to think about how the characters are feeling, predicting what will happen next and finding better and more exciting vocabulary.

In Maths, we are learning about addition and subtraction, where we will be focusing on learning a few different methods to add and subtract. One of these methods is the practical and written column addition method. We will learn this with and without exchange, looking at 2 digit numbers and some children moving on to 3 digit numbers if they are ready. 

For our materials Science topic, we will be exploring the properties of everyday materials, how to group materials in different ways, and investigating how materials can be changed and shaped, and if any can be reverted back to their original shape.

This term, we will be Historians, so we are learning about Communication over Time. We’ll be exploring ways we communicate today and how this has changed throughout the past. We will focus on the invention of the printing press, telephone and internet.

In French, we are continuing to look at greetings, then moving on to numbers and colours. 

In PE, one of our weekly lessons is with the Robins Foundation, which is really exciting, and our other lesson is following our Real PE scheme, where we will be practising our jumping and landing skills.

In RE, we will be thinking about Christianity and why Christians think God gave Jesus to the world.

In Art, we will be building on our map skills from our Geography last term and linking to materials for Science this term, by making maps out of different materials and printmaking. 


We are also looking forward to starting our Nativity rehearsals with the Ladybugs class when it gets closer to Christmas - we can’t wait to show you our finished show on the last Tuesday of term!


Summary of Term One

We’ve come to the end of a busy first term already! The children have settled in really well to our Horseshoes class and are making lots of progress. In writing, we have learnt how to write expanded noun phrases and similes, whilst writing letters, descriptions, stories and more. We have enjoyed reading The Promise and Voices in the Park. For our whole class reading lessons, we’re enjoying an autumny story called Don’t Hog the Hedge, about a hedgehog, Hattie, who is getting ready for hibernation. The children have been having some great class discussions and are sharing their ideas well using their oracy skills. We have explored what makes Hattie a good friend, how she is feeling at different points in the story, and predicting what might happen next and why we think this. Some of us have been recapping our previously learnt Phonics sounds whilst some of us have been exploring new poems in Guided Reading. Everyone is making great progress with their reading!


In maths, we spent lots of time representing 2, 3 and some 4 digit numbers in different ways, making sure we understand how many hundreds, tens and ones a number has. We practised counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s, with some children being extended to 4s, 8s, 100s and 50s. We made sure that we knew how to compare and order numbers up to 100 or 1,000. Towards the end of the term, we started our addition and subtraction topic, where we have been exploring number bonds to 100 and 1,000, and adding and subtracting ones, tens and multiples of hundreds. We will continue with addition and subtraction next term.


For our Science learning this term, the children loved learning about different local and global habitats, and thinking about how we could compare them. We painted pictures using watercolours of a habitat of a choice, wrote acrostic poems about our habitats and created fact files about some adaptations that animals have that mean they can survive in certain habitats. We enjoyed creating minibeast playgrounds, thinking about the conditions that minibeasts might like. In Forest School, we also did a recap of bulbs, cutting them open and labelling the different parts. We discussed what bulbs need to grow and then planted our own bulbs!


In Geography, we have developed our map skills, exploring different maps of the UK. We can name the different countries and capitals of the UK, completing a piece of non-fiction writing. We’ve learnt about rivers and areas of high ground around the UK and thought about what we might experience visiting these places. Recently, we researched a local county on the laptops then wrote a report about North Somerset. We’ve loved exploring atlases and we even created our own map of an imaginary island with rivers, mountains, coasts, towns and a capital city!


We have started our French learning about pronunciation and greetings which the class are really enjoying getting to speak French. In PE, we have practised our footwork, balance and learnt some key hockey skills. In Music, we learnt how to find and clap along to a beat, applying this to different pieces of music. We loved learning how to sing a new song - Music is in my Soul! For RE, we explored whether we can be kind all of the time and stories about Jesus showing kindness to others. In PSHE, we have had great discussions about expectations, rights, responsibilities, rewards and consequences in school. In Forest School, we’ve used maps, explored habitats and animals, and most recently, carved pumpkins and peppers! We have had a wonderful term and are looking forward to another busy term next!


Overview of Term One



In our writing lessons, we are doing some interesting habitats writing. We will then be reading Voices in the Park and The Promise to inspire our writing. We’ll be learning how to write expanded noun phrases, use adverbs and commas in a list. Some of the class are continuing with phonics lessons daily, whilst the other children are having spelling lessons.



For our maths this term, we are learning all about place value. This means we are thinking about how many tens and ones are in a number (eg. 23 has 2 tens and 3 ones) for Year 2, with Year 3 learning about hundreds, tens and ones. We will be comparing and ordering numbers, learning how to count in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s (Y2) and 4s, 8s and 50s (Y3). Towards the end of the term, we will move on to addition and subtraction, learning how to add and subtract using different methods.



Our Science topic is Habitats. We are learning about local and global habitats, comparing the similarities and differences and then thinking about some adaptations that allow animals to survive there.



The second half of the term we are learning about the UK for our Geography topic, exploring the different countries and counties in the UK, rivers and areas of high ground. We are excited to be able to use our Forest School lessons to help our learning for these subjects.



Our PSHE this term is Being Me in my World, all about hopes and fears for the year, rights and responsibilities in school, and rewards and consequences.



In PE, we are doing the Personal cog, thinking about how we can improve our own personal physical skills, focusing on co-ordination (footwork) and balance on one leg.



For our RE lessons, learning about Christianity this term, and focusing on the key question - ‘Is it possible to be kind all of the time?’.



Our DT topic this term is Perfect Pizzas, where we will be designing our own pizzas and testing different foods for the base and toppings. Then towards the end of the term, we will make our own pizzas.



In Music, we are using Charanga and this term is Understanding Music, focusing on pulse, rhythm and pitch.



In French, we are focusing on Greetings, learning how to say hello and goodbye. We will be practising lots of speaking in French.


Additional Information

PE - Tuesdays and Thursdays

Forest School - Wednesdays