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Year 2-Miss WHEELER

End of Year

Thank you to everyone who made this year fantastic in Year 2!! It has flown by and we have had a blast! We have all learnt so much and covered some really interesting topics, from learning about Nurses in the past (when we made our own modern or past hospitals), to how plants grow (when we compared different growing conditions with various seeds) and learning about the importance of hygiene (when we loved using glitter and paint to demonstrate the importance of handwashing, and got to clean and brush some model teeth!). The children have all been wonderful and I am so proud of how much they have grown and developed over the year. They are all so kind and hardworking and I cannot wait for another fantastic year with the same lovely children next year! Have a relaxing and enjoyable summer everyone, Miss Wheeler :-)


Overview of Term 6

It’s Term 6 already! We are eagerly jumping into our last term of the year, with lots of exciting learning to come.


Our Enquiry topic this term is Science and we’ll be exploring Animals including Humans, and Habitats. Our learning will cover a broad range of topics including life cycles, offspring, local and world habitats, healthy exercise, diets and hygiene, and much more! We also have so many great cross-curricular opportunities planned, including heart-rate investigations in PE, exploring different local habitats with minibeasts in Forest School, and discussions in PSHE about offspring, babies and families.


One of our closest links to Science this term will be our Reading and Writing books. In Reading for VIPERS, we’ll be enjoying The Storm Whale and Tad, looking at our reading skills such as inference, prediction and explanations. Our writing books link nicely to those as well, as we are reading the Snail and the Whale, which has beautiful illustrations of different habitats and animals around the world, so provide excellent opportunities for creativity and inspiration! Year 2 will be writing letters as the Snail back to their snail friends about their adventures around the world, some narratives and poetry. This will be the second half of our term, after finishing off our lovely Journey book, followed by a week each on its sequels Quest and Return. We are very excited to get to explore the sequels too as we loved Journey last term! We’ll also be doing some cross curricular writing too, by describing the life cycles of different animals, creating fact files about meerkats and writing a set of instructions for how to best brush our teeth, linking to the humans part of our topic.


In Maths, Year 2 will be learning about Time and Length & Height in the first part of the term, followed by Position & Direction, and Mass, Capacity & Temperature. We’re excited to be able to cross over a lot of our maths learning this term to Forest School! We’ll have opportunities to measure different objects around the school and around our forest school area, complete practical activities with direction and compasses, and comparing capacity with water. On Fridays with Year 3, we’ll be practising our prior learning by applying it to problem solving across the topics we have already learnt throughout the year, with some fun maths investigations planned.


In PE, we will be starting the term with finishing off our gymnastics, learning gymnastics routines. Our PSHE topic this term is Changing Me, where we will be learning about some basic changes in our bodies as we grow up. We’ll also discuss things that we are excited about growing up, and things that might worry us. For RE, we’ll be exploring Hinduism and the importance of visiting the River Ganges for both Hindus and non-Hindus.

In Art we will be continuing to explore sculpture techniques. Our focus will be the artist Andy Golsworthy, an English sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures and land art situated in natural and urban settings. We will be continuing to enjoy music assemblies, learning different songs with the whole school.


End of Term 5

We’ve enjoyed a busy and fast term in Term 5! 

In English, we’ve read Major Glad Major Dizzy, our whole school book about two toy soldiers being stuck under the floorboards in Victorian times and them watching the world change until the present. The children wrote some great ‘finding stories’, writing in character about them being a toy, where they got stuck, what adventures they got up to, and who eventually found them! Since then, we have really enjoyed reading Journey, a gorgeous wordless picture book. We’ve written diary entries, stories and descriptions, being extra creative as there are no words in the book so we have to make up our own! We will be continuing with Journey at the beginning of next term.

For our Maths learning, we have been learning all about Fractions, discovering different fractions and what they mean, and how to find fractions of amounts. We’ve been practising our times tables again and revisiting how to do key arithmetic skills such as column addition and subtraction. We’ve spent lots of time on problem solving and reasoning questions too to deepen our understanding of a variety of topics. This week, we’ve been experimenting with clocks to make different times to o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.

For our Enquiry topic, the Bristol Bus Boycott, Year 2 have immersed themselves really well, acting out what it would be like to be at the boycott. They created lovely and informative leaflets about what the boycott was, who Paul Stephenson is, and why the boycott was needed. Our topic links closely in to PSHE, so we had some great and important discussions about what racism is and how to make sure we treat everyone fairly.

In PSHE, we have been looking at different relationships. We’ve reminded ourselves of the Solve it Together technique to mend friendships, we’ve learnt about how to stay safe online, and explored relationships around the world, looking at where our food comes from and how we can help some of the people who make it.

In Art, the children had a brilliant time getting messy with Miss Perugini, developing skills in working with clay. We explored using a variety of natural and man-made materials to make marks on the clay. We had to make an object of our choice, using these skills. We look forward to continuing to develop these skills further next term.

Our PE lessons have continued with gymnastics and the children in Year 2 and 3 have really enjoyed getting to use different apparatus and practising all of the different gymnastic shapes. We even enjoyed a lesson outside with Year 5, practising our throwing and catching skills!

Looking forward to next term where we will be diving into our Enquiry topic about Animals including Humans and Habitats.

Have a lovely half term,

Miss Wheeler

Overview of Term 5

Welcome back to Term 5! Year 2 are ready for a busy term ahead. In Writing, we are reading a lovely wordless book called Journey which is one of my favourites. It is a story of a great adventure with so many wonderful images to inspire our writing! We will be using Journey for our Reading VIPERS lessons too, thinking of adjectives to describe settings or characters, inferring clues from pictures and predicting what we think will happen next. We are continuing to use the ReadingWise scheme on laptops, which the children are loving.


In Maths, we are starting with Fractions, learning about different parts of a whole, how to recognise and find them, and then we will be moving on to unit and non-unit fractions. We’ll be focusing on halves, quarters, thirds and three-quarters. We are also working hard to keep up our practising of our 2s, 5s and 10 times tables.


Our Enquiry topic this term is History and our key question is ‘Who was Paul Stephenson and how was he involved in the Bristol Bus Boycott?’. We’ll be exploring local history and linking our PSHE closely into this when discussing the reasons why the boycott happened. 


In PE, we will be carrying on with Gymnastics, looking at Flight and Rotation in the next few weeks. PSHE this term is discussing Relationships and Families. In Art. we will be creating sculptures and learning how to work with clay. We are looking forward to a busy term ahead! 


End of Term 4

Year 2 have had a fun term being Scientists and learning all about lots of different plants, flowers and trees. We learnt a lot from our trips to Slimbridge and Riverside Garden Centre, observing all of the plants we saw. We’ve cut open a seed and seen where the different parts grow from, we’ve explored what plants need to grow and stay healthy, and we’ve learnt about the lifecycle of a bean seed. Our plants that we’re growing to investigate what plants need to grow have sparked some interesting discussions and challenged our views on what plants need. Year 2 have loved our Plants topic and shown lots of curiosity.


In English, we have linked our books to plants by reading ‘Oh Say Can You Seed’ in our Reading VIPERS lessons, examining the text and pictures to understand certain vocabulary and learning how to infer from images. In our Writing lessons, we have read The Flower and Lila and the Secret of Rain, exploring again what plants need to grow and what happens when they don’t get what they need. We’ve written instructions on how to grow a flower from a seed, acrostic poems about different things in nature, and adapted Lila and the Secret of Rain to write our own stories about the Secret of Sun, set in Bristol. Year 2 all worked really hard on their stories that week and I am very impressed with their finished creations!


For our Maths, we’ve learnt about Statistics and how to collect and gather data. We asked Year 3 about their favourite types of ice cream and created a class tally chart, and worked with Year 3 to ask different questions in groups to create giant bar charts. For the last couple of weeks we have been learning about different 2D and 3D shapes, exploring the amount of sides, vertices, edges and faces, and thinking about different ways we can categorise our varying shapes.


In PSHE, our topic has been Healthy Me and we’ve focused on how to stay safe and healthy, looking at exercise, medicines, safe places and what to do in an emergency. Year 2 and 3 did a great job at knowing what to do to stay safe and how to help if someone is in danger. In French, we’ve learnt about colours and family members, using all of our French knowledge so far to have some conversions in French with partners. PE has been Gymnastics this term, focusing on balance and travel. We’ve done floor work, used low apparatus and high apparatus and the children have really enjoyed this. In Art we looked at the artist Georgia O’Keeffe, following on from last term, focusing on her work around enlarging images of flowers. We used a range of media to explore her work; including paints and pastels creating light and dark tones. In Music we have been composing and performing music; including participating in ‘Handfuls of Harmony’ sessions. ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ has been a favourite.


We have had a great term together and are all looking forward to another busy and exciting term after Easter! 


Overview of Term 4

This term is an exciting one with a few school trips to Slimbridge and Riverside Garden Centre to learn all about our new Enquiry topic - Plants! We have already had lots of fun and been inspired when planting our seeds this week. We are eagerly awaiting their growth, which we will be observing and comparing over the course of the term. In Enquiry, we will discover what plants need to grow and stay healthy, what happens if they don’t get what they need to grow, the life cycle of a plant, what’s inside a seed and bulb, and whether plants grow everywhere. Year 2 are loving our Plants topic so far and I am excited to see what the term brings!

In English, our Reading VIPERS lessons will link closely to plants, starting the term with exploring questions about the book ‘Oh Say Can You Seed’ by Dr Seuss. Our Writing lessons will be based on ‘The Flower’ and ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’, again linking closely to our Enquiry. We will be writing descriptions of the settings, instructions for how to grow a plant from a seed and more. We will continue to use commas in a list, expanded noun phrases and writing in different tenses, as well as looking at using suffixes and imperative verbs.

In Maths, we are starting with Statistics, learning about data in the form of tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. After that, we will be moving on to Shape and Fractions.

Over the course of the term, we will track, observe and compare the growth of our plants by measuring them and plotting a line graph.

In PE, we are continuing with Gymnastics, focusing on the gymnastic shapes, practising our balance and different apparatus too. In Forest School, we have exciting opportunities to delve deeper into our Plants Enquiry topic, planting more seeds, bulbs and vegetables outside, discussing germination, the life cycle of plants, and much more! Our PSHE lessons are on the topic of Healthy Me this term, linking nicely so we can compare what plants need to grow and stay healthy, and how we can help our own bodies be healthy too. We will be designing fitness challenges and learning about exercise and the effect it has on our bodies. In our French lessons, we’re learning how to talk about our birthdays, colours, family members and pets. Art with Miss Perugini will be continuing with Georgia O’Keefe, looking at magnifying plants and flowers.

We can’t wait for an exciting term ahead!



End of Term 3


Term 3 has been full of new learning. 

In English, we have started our Reading lessons, focusing on comprehension through the VIPERS scheme. We have read The Koala Who Could and finished off the term with a meerkat comprehension (linking to our writing book, Meerkat Mail). We’ve examined extracts’ vocabulary, inferred by looking for clues in the writing or pictures, and predicted what we think will happen next in a story. In our writing lessons, we’ve enjoyed travelling around the world with our meerkat Sunny, reading letters about his adventures. Not only have we written our own postcards as Sunny, but we’ve also embodied the cheeky jackal who is chasing Sunny, thinking about what his plan might be. Year 2 have enjoyed starting the term by reading At Atlas of Imaginary Places, a lovely book with unusual and exciting imaginary islands for us to describe. We even created our own islands! Using these books, we have learnt more about using conjunctions to join and expand our sentences, learnt how to use expanded noun phrases and commas in a list, and made our writing more exciting with varied punctuation, such as exclamation marks and question marks.

In Maths, we continued with Money on Fridays as our Problem Solving lessons, focusing on making the same total and finding change. We combined our PSHE Garden Design project with our maths, where the children had a budget and a shopping list, and had to decide which items they would like to buy for their gardens. For the majority of this term we have learnt about Multiplication and Division, sharing and grouping items to practise. We have learnt about arrays, equal groups and more. Year 2 have also done a fantastic job at beginning to learn their 2, 5 and 10 times tables!

For our Enquiry lessons, we have travelled all around the world, comparing Bristol to its twinned cities of Beira, Guangzhou and Hanover. We’ve considered the physical environment, climate and weather, housing and schools of Bristol and Beira, using our Oracy skills to discuss where we would prefer to live and why. We were lucky to avoid a cyclone when we flew to Beira to write our travel diaries! An exciting lesson for all.

Over the course of the term Year 2 and 3 have been working on pastel drawings, in art sessions, inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe and discussing different techniques to blend and create a range of colours. These have been sent home, I’m sure you’ll agree they look great. We also had a lot of fun creating the lanterns for this year’s Bedminster Lantern Parade. Thank you for all your hard work in creating these!

In PE, Year 2 and 3 have worked on balance and we have started our Gymnastics sessions. We were lucky enough to be included in the Dance Festival, so practised our Moana dance and had a lot of fun performing it at Ashton Park with other schools! We’ve also had a variety of PE taster sessions, including Tag Rugby, Cheerleading and Athletics, which the children have enjoyed experiencing.

For PSHE this term our topic was Dreams and Goals, so the class considered what makes an inspirational person, and what their own dreams and goals might be. It was lovely to see so many different ideas. The last few weeks have consisted of a group project to design a Garden of Dreams and Goals for people who face a particular challenge. The children have designed lovely gardens and thought really hard about how to make them accessible. We’ve improved our teamwork, creativity and communication skills through this project. 

French has been exciting as we’ve increased our bank of things we know how to say in French! We’ve learnt numbers 0-31, discussed birthdays, months and getting to know people.

We are looking forward to another exciting term!


Overview of Term 3


Year 2 are looking forward to an exciting term ahead of us! Our Enquiry topic (Geography) for this term is Bristol and its twinned cities, so we will be jetting off around the world to learn about Hanover, Beira and Mozambique. We will be comparing the cities, whilst learning about their climates and weather, physical environments, populations and more. 



For Writing, we will be reading An Atlas of Imaginary Places, a lovely book full of inspiring and unusual islands to visit! We will be focusing on grammar (exclamation and question marks, commas in a list, expanded noun phrases), whilst writing descriptions, poetry and creating our own islands. We are linking in our Oracy learning here (speaking and listening), by discussing which island we would prefer to visit and why. The second half of the term will be based on Meerkat Mail, a lovely story about a meerkat’s journey, where he writes letters back to his family at home. This will assist us in writing in character, writing letters and creating our own narratives.


Year 2 are now starting Reading lessons, which will take the timetabled place of our Phonics lessons. We will continue with quick recaps of Phonics flashcards and high frequency words at the start of our Reading lessons, but we will now be mainly focusing on VIPERS. This acronym details different types of reading comprehension questions; we will be reading short snippets of a book each lesson, then answering questions related to those pages. VIPERS stands for Vocabulary, Infer, Predict, Explain, Retrieve, and Sequence/Summarise. We are excited to get started on diving into more books!



In Maths, we will be continuing learning about money in our joint Year 2 and 3 maths lessons on Fridays. The rest of the week, we are moving onto multiplication and division, learning how to share items to make equal groups. We will be focusing on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables as well. Once we have finished multiplication and division, we will be learning about statistics.



PSHE this term is about Dreams and Goals, so we will be looking at recognising people who have faced challenges and achieved success. We will also be thinking about our own Dreams and Goals for the future.



In French, we are learning the months of the year, numbers 0-31, and birthdays. In Art with Miss Perugini, Year 2 will be learning about Georgia O’Keefe.


PE will be focusing on cognitive skills, dynamic balance and static balance. We will be creating balance courses and also practising the transfer of balance. Year 2 and 3 will also be carrying on with Dance, once every fortnight (on the weeks that they do not have Forest School). Forest School continues in Weeks 1,3,5 and 7, with RE and Dance on the other.


For RE, Year 2 and 3 will be learning about Judaism and Passover this term. 



End of Term 2

In Year 2, we have had a busy term! We’ve enjoyed learning about the uses of everyday materials in Enquiry, finding out how materials are shaped and changed, how to compare materials and discussing the properties of different objects and materials. The children have enjoyed taking part in practical activities, testing the transparency of materials using torches, making our own playdough to test how we can squash, bend, twist and stretch it, and deciding which materials would be most suitable in our test to protect Humpty Dumpty from breaking!

Our writing and reading books have linked closely in to materials. At the start of the term, we read Traction Man is Here, and we practised using expanded noun phrases and writing in the past tense. For our whole school book (Little People, Big Dreams), we learnt about Mary Anning, and her fascinating discoveries to do with fossils. In the last few weeks, we’ve read The Glassmaker’s Daughter, where we retold the story, discussed vocabulary to describe different characters, and writing a set of instructions about how to make our main character smile. This week, for a festive twist, we’re enjoying retelling the story of The Snowman and creating our own books.
In spelling/phonics, we have continued to practise and revisit our Phase 5 sounds, alongside learning spelling patterns such as silent letters and soft sounds. Thank you to everyone who has been practising spellings and reading at home weekly.

In Maths, we have continued to practise our addition and subtraction skills, moving onto adding and subtracting two-digit numbers, comparing numbers and adding 3 1-digit numbers. We’ve used different resources (number lines, hundred squares, tens and ones) to find out which resources work best for us to help us to add and subtract. Recently, we have been learning about British money, identifying coins and notes, adding pounds and pence, and applying our knowledge of money to part-whole models, and which coins/notes we could use to make certain amounts. 

It certainly has been a busy time this term producing some amazing pieces of artwork. We have learnt about different types of printing-creating our own wrapping paper and Christmas cards using block and styrofoam printing techniques.

In PE, the children have been practising social skills and jumping/landing, experimenting with different types of jumps. For our RE lessons, Year 2 and 3 have been exploring Christianity and the true meaning of Christmas. They have learnt about what Christmas means to Christians and how they might show love to God around Christmas, and comparing this to their own views about the meaning of Christmas. The classes debated ‘Has Christmas lost its true meaning?’ and had some interesting discussions. In PSHE, we have thought about different types of families, conflict and how to solve it, and bullying. Year 2 and 3 have enjoyed acting out different scenarios.

It has been a busy term for extra activities, including our Forest School trip to Ashton Court, where we enjoyed measuring and climbing trees. Year 2 and 3 were lucky to be involved in the lantern workshops, where they made their own lanterns to contribute to Luckwell’s part in the Bedminster Lantern Parade (happening 8th January). We’ve had a fire safety session, where the children learnt a lot of valuable skills about what to do in an emergency,

Finally, we have really enjoyed creating and practising our Nativity for R-Y3. The children have loved learning the songs and our Y2/3 dance to Rat-a-Tat, and they have all done a fabulous job of learning their lines for our scripts. I cannot wait to see it all together for the final performance. 

We are looking forward to another exciting and busy term next year, but for now, I hope that everyone enjoys a well-deserved break and has a lovely festive season!


Overview for Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2, we are looking forward to a fun and busy term ahead of us! 



In our writing lessons, Year 2’s books will link closely to our Enquiry topic of the Uses of Everyday Materials. We’re reading Traction Man and The Glassmaker’s Daughter this term and will have lots of opportunities to think about the different materials hidden within each book. We will also be focusing on poetry, letter writing and using lots of exciting adjectives.



Year 2 will begin with our Enquiry key scientific words to make sure we understand them to get the most out of our learning. We’re exploring the meaning of our materials vocabulary in different ways. After this we will be focusing on a mixture of spelling rules (for example silent letters).



In Maths, we will continue looking at addition and subtraction, learning how to add both practically and being able to apply that when doing written addition and subtraction. Towards the middle/end of the term, we will be moving onto learning about money. Year 2 will continue their daily mental maths sessions as well, focusing on number bonds, the 2, 5 and 10 times table and more.



Our Enquiry this term is an exciting one as we are moving onto Science and the Uses of Everyday Materials. We will get to do lots of practical work and tests, exploring how materials can be shaped and changed, how to group different materials, and their suitability for different purposes. Across the curriculum we will have various different opportunities to make cross-curricular links, including into our writing, speaking and listening skills, DT and more.



Mrs Hillberg will be teaching RE this term in the weeks where Year 2/3 don’t have Forest School. She will be exploring with the class the question: Has Christmas lost its true meaning?


Forest School and PE

Forest School will continue every other Wednesday this term (dates attached to the newsletter) so please ensure your child wears appropriate clothing as we come into Winter. We will have lots of exciting opportunities and activities during Forest School. 

In PE, we will be involved in the Dance Festival so Years 2/3 will be working together to learn a dance for this. We will also continue with our Real PE lessons.


End of Term 1

Year 2 have had a wonderful term settling into our new classroom and curriculum. We have discovered lots about Nurses in the past in Enquiry, focusing on significant individuals (Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Princess Campbell). We had lots of fun building cardboard hospitals to show the differences between past and modern hospitals. Our class was lucky enough to have a children’s mental health nurse do a virtual visit with us as well, where the children got to learn about nursing and ask questions.


In English, we have enjoyed reading and writing about Supertato and The Day the Crayons Quit. The children have produced some excellent writing and have really enjoyed getting into the role of being a crayon or a vegetable and writing in character! We have written stories about magical multicoloured crayons, conversations between crayons, and instructions about how to defeat the Evil Pea! We have had lots of successes in writing with some fantastic outcomes (see photos below). Throughout the term in Maths we have learnt about place value and addition; the children have all worked really hard to understand our new mathematical learning. 


The class have enjoyed having Forest School sessions this term and have made leaf art, fake injuries where they discussed how nurses help people, and done some cave art to link in to Year 3’s Stone Age topic. They have had some wonderful opportunities to explore different materials, learn new skills using tools and have fun outdoors.


We are looking forward to Term 2 where we will be looking at uses of everyday materials, writing about Traction Man and The Glassmaker’s Daughter, and joining in with Bedminster’s Lantern Parade.

Overview for Term 1

Year 2 have settled in really well and are producing some fantastic work! We are enjoying our new classroom and excited for this term.

In English this term we have started by reading our whole school book ‘I am Enough’. The children have enjoyed using adjectives to describe themselves and our class. From Week 2 we’ll be reading ‘Supertato: Carnival Catastro-Pea’ and exploring instructions about how to defeat the Evil Pea! We will be thinking about how we would feel if the Evil Pea had sucked all the colour out of the world by writing in character. Our second book of the term is ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ where we will be thinking about how the different coloured crayons feel and finishing our termly writing by creating a story about a magical, multi-coloured crayon!
    I Am Enough eBook : Byers, Grace, Bobo, Keturah A.: Amazon.co.uk: Books Supertato Carnival Catastro-Pea! : Hendra, Sue, Linnet, Paul: Amazon.co.uk:  Books


We are starting in the first week by focusing on our Enquiry spellings related to Nurses in the past. For the rest of the term, we will be revisiting some of our Phonics to cement our understanding.

For our Maths lessons this term, we will be starting with Place Value where we will be learning about counting in Tens and Ones up to 100. We will continue to count in 2s, 5s and 10s as well as begin to count in 3s. Towards the end of the term, we will begin practising our Addition and Subtraction.

Our Enquiry focus for this term is History where we are going to learn about significant Nurses in the past. We started off by thinking about what we already knew about nurses and what we wanted to learn. Over the next few weeks we will learn about Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Bristol’s Princess Campbell, as well as exploring what hospitals were like in the past and what changes and improvements were made by our famous nurses.
   Florence Nightingale - Quotes, Education & Facts - BiographyMary Seacole - WikipediaWindrush Day: Bristol's Princess Campbell - Sound and vision blog
From the middle of the term we will be exploring the question: Is it possible to be kind to everyone all of the time?

Year 2 will be with Year 3 for Art with Miss Perugini. We're looking at portraits using a range of mixed media-including Picasso and Arcimboldo. 
             Weeping Woman', Pablo Picasso, 1937 | TateGiuseppe Arcimboldo at the National Gallery of Art - The New York Times


In PE, we are starting off by practising Personal Skills, including co-ordination (footwork) and balance (on one leg). PE for Year 2 and 3 will be on a Thursday this term, with Forest School on a Wednesday. Please ensure the children come to school on Wednesdays in Forest School clothes and on Thursdays in their PE kits.