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Year 1 Mrs Noble

Overview for Term 2

Year 1 will be continuing to learn Phase 5 sounds in their daily phonics lessons.  The sounds for the week will be posted on Class Dojo every Monday so you can practice at home.  The children are doing really well with learning new sounds and using these in their reading and writing.
Thank you for listening to your child read at home, it makes a huge difference in their progress.  Please try and record in your child's reading record when they have read at home.
Our English texts for this term are The tale of the Toothbrush and Ducks overboard.  These two texts are great stories which also feature non-fiction sections with a focus on plastic and how it can damage the environment.  Children will be writing stories and non-fiction texts linked to these two great books.  The main focus will continue to be on letter formation, using phonics to spell, writing in sentences and beginning to use and to join sentences.
In maths this term we will be focusing on addition and subtraction and place value up to 20.  We have been learning and will continue to learn number bonds to 10.  You might like to practice this with your children at home.
Our Enquiry this term is Science.  Children will be learning about materials and their properties.  There will be lots of practical activities and investigations during the term.

End of Term 1

Year 1 have made an excellent start to the school year.  They encompass our school values on a daily basis and are always enthusiastic and independent with their learning.  There have been many wow! moments in term 1 so here are a few to celebrate

- Children in Y1 are loving our daily story time and enjoying reading George's Marvellous Medicine.  We are finding lots of parts of the story very funny and have made great predictions about what might happen.  We even made our own potions!

- One of our favourite times of the week is reading buddies with Y6.  Y6 come to our classroom and read with us.  They have also taught us about life in Victorian Schools to help us with our history enquiry "How have schools changed over time?"

- Everyone is growing in independence and thrive in completing our weekly Challenge Passport activities.

- Colour mixing and creating our own Picasso inspired portraits has been fantastic and made us all smile and giggle.

- Y1 have been great at Forest School session this term especially when teaching Reception about Forest School and support them with Forest School activities.

Well done Year 1 for such an incredible start to the year!

Overview for Term 1

Y1 have settled back into school brilliantly and continuing to be the shining stars they were in Reception.

Here is some information about Term 1 and the learning the children will be completing. Children will continue learning in the same style as Reception with time to choose their own learning activities, whole class input and small group work.  


Phonics and Reading

Children will have a daily phonics lesson.  Initially this will be revision of the sounds they learnt in Reception (known as Phase 3 and Phase 4 sounds) and then we will move onto Y1 sounds (known as Phase 5 sounds.)  

Every child will be listened to read at school once a week.  Please read with your children at home as often as possible.  When you listen to your child read please make a note in their home school reading record.



Children will have a daily writing lessons building on the writing they did in Reception.  In term 1 we will be focusing on letter formation (handwriting), using sounds to spell and write and writing sentences.  We will be using the texts The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon and Naughty Bus.  

         The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon : Adams, Richard, Smith, Alex T.:  Amazon.co.uk: Books Naughty Bus: Amazon.co.uk: Oke, Jan: 9780954792114: Books


Children will have  daily maths lesson which will build on the learning they did in Reception.  This term we will be focusing on numbers within 10.  In year 1 we still use lots of practical maths to support children with their understanding however there is an increased expectation for children to record their maths including problem solving and reasoning.



Our first enquiry will be history based and is called "How has schools changed over time?"  Children will be taught the skills of using sources of evidence to learn about the past and will be comparing school life now with other periods in history.  If there is anyone who went o Luckwell themselves and would like to share what school was like with Y1 then please get in touch.  We would love to hear from you.



PE day for Y1 is a Friday.  Children can come to school in their PE kit for the day.


Forest School

Y1 will have a Forest School sessions each week on a Tuesday.  Children can come to school wearing clothes suitable for Forest School on those days and will need to bring wellies and waterproof clothing on this day.