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Our School Priorities 2021/22

Our School Priorities

Over the year, the school will be prioritising four key areas of development that form the basis of our School Development Plan 2021-2022 and to ensure the best learning and care for your children.

Priority 1: High quality writing.

We want to make all children writers by giving them exciting and relevant opportunities to write at length and give them the skills to understand how to improve their own writing. Whole school events and competitions will spread this love for the written word.

Priority 2: Quality of provision and outcomes for all.

We want a curriculum that enables all learners to achieve and for our school community to understand that everyone is different, so will need different strategies and support to achieve.

Priority 3: Develop the Luckwell Primary Curriculum so that learning develops in a sequential way for all pupils.

The curriculum is everything; it drives our ethos, our values and needs to be relevant and exciting for the pupils of our school. We will be developing the curriculum in order to make it more purposeful, inclusive and will offer a clear progression of learning.

Priority 4: Improve behaviour and attendance for all groups.

After such a disrupted two years, we want all children in school, on time, learning purposefully. We will be supporting families and children with being able to do this.