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At Luckwell we believe that music is a powerful tool to transform a child's learning experience regardless of background or prior experience. Playing an instrument and singing has been shown to increase self esteem, boost confidence, develop language and reasoning skills as well as relieve stress. We offer several opportunities for our children to access music including regular singing assemblies and in-class activities. See below to see some music at Luckwell in action.

Clarinet band

This year we have set up an exciting opportunity for our Year 4 children to learn a woodwind instrument over the course of the coming year in conjunction with Bristol Plays Music. As part of this project every child will work towards learning the clarinet through weekly whole school lessons. The class will also be taught the basics of reading music and learn some basic songs which they can play as a group or on their own. Initially they learn the recorder which has similar fingering to the clarinet and they will move onto the clarinet later in the year.

Recorder and guitar lessons

We offer weekly recorder and guitar lessons. Please speak to the office if your child would like to learn an instrument.

Orchestra workshops

We were really pleased to participate in the BBC's Music Day this year. One of our Year 6 pupils played in the orchestra made up of children from primary schools across Bristol celebrating 30 years of Wallace & Gromit. The BBC were there filming for Points West. It was a great day.